Bisleri has launched delivery services right at your doorstep! Read on to know more

2020 has made online shopping relevant like never before. Every amenity and article that people had bought from shops and stores needed to be available online. Free access was barred to protect the masses, but daily needs remained the same. One amenity that is extremely crucial among daily needs is water. And even the water needed to be available online.

To help out their customers in such times of need, Bisleri launched the Bisleri@Doorstep Delivery service. The Bisleri@Doorstep was an online platform that would enable people to buy water online in India. The platform gives access to a delivery service wherein customers can order any Bisleri product and it would be delivered at their doorstep.

The brand: Bisleri

The Parle group acquired the mineral water brand Bisleri in 1969 from its original owner, who was an Italian entrepreneur Signor Felice Bisleri. The brand has become a trusted name in packaged drinking water in the fifty years of its existence. Bisleri products go through a 10-step quality process and 114 tests to ensure the best quality delivered to their customers. The brand also follows all standards set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Each Bisleri plant has a quality testing unit. The brand has been a household name for years and continues to serve millions with the best quality and products that appeal to all. They aim to continue to bring clean water to people around India.

How can you buy water online in India?

The Bisleri@Doorstep offers at your doorstep service for all Bisleri products. The Bisleri@Doorstep offers a list of products and their prices. It enables the customers to check delivery duration via their pin code. The customer can buy in bulk or a few products at a time. The products in bulk are always delivered in a one-time delivery.

Customers can buy water online in India by either ordering a product or choose a subscription.

  • The subscription can be for one, two, or three months according to the need of the customer.
  • Delivery time can be scheduled by the buyer. The time of delivery can also be rescheduled 48 hours before the date of the scheduled delivery.
  • The subscription also offers a 5% discount on the total price as a loyalty value.
  • The frequency of delivery can also be decided by the customer as daily, alternate days, or once a week.
  • Buy water online in India and pay either on delivery by cash or avail online payment options.

For more information or to order your Bisleri product, check out

User- friendly Bisleri

Bisleri has always prioritized the people who consume their products and have been doing that for years now. In an attempt to make Bisleri packaged water more user friendly, they launched bottle labels in regional languages in 2017.

To provide variety in products, apart from water, they have a collection of soft drinks and soda. The soft drinks were launched in 2016 and repackaged in 2019. The Club Soda was launched in 2011.

Bisleri has also launched water bottles of many different quantities over the years to serve different needs. People can buy water online in India for daily water supply or just one-time use.

The Bisleri@Doorstep aims to make all Bisleri products more accessible to the public by allowing customers to buy water online in India. Water is one of the main essential items we need to live and Bisleri allows access to clean and pure water to millions of people, now at their doorstep.


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Written by Amrina Alshaikh


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