Best WordPress Page Builders 2020 you should know

Since the advent of visual editors , virtually anyone with a little patience can now create a WordPress website without any design and programming skills.

Visual editors have made our lives much easier and are even used by many professional designers, who despite having the necessary knowledge to design a website from scratch, prefer to use this type of tool because of the possibilities they offer and the speed with which they you can create a site from scratch.

The best thing about this type of tools to design a web page is that you can use any of the best WordPress templates without problems, you will not be tied to any since, even if you change templates in the future, your designs will remain without problems in most of the cases.

Anyway, there are themes that allow you to get the most out of all these layouts as they are created to exploit them 100%. Astra Theme is one of them, that if you do not know it we recommend you take a look at it because it has many possibilities.

Whether you already have a website and want to improve it, or if you are going to start your project from scratch and don’t know why to start, take a look at this selection that we have prepared and choose the one that you like the most:

Visual Composer

It is probably one of the first visual layout designers to appear and is spread over many WordPress sites that you can find in SERPS.

One of the factors that has most influenced its proliferation in thousands of installations is that it is included in the majority of themes that are sold on sites like Themeforest, the largest marketplace for WordPress templates, hence its use comes by default and thousands sites use it.

It is very comfortable to use this layout as you just have to drag and drop the element you want and ready, you are designing your template.

The biggest drawback is that it leaves a lot of code on your page and also, if tomorrow you decide to do without it, your design will be totally damaged and it will be difficult for you to restructure the texts again.

Divi Builder

This is probably the most used layout designer and for many the best, and that started as a valid plugin for a single template (the famous Divi template from Elegant Themes ) to later evolve and become a plugin that you can use in any other template. your taste.

There are true fans of the Divi plugin and the Divi theme who, to this day, despite having come up with new alternatives that face it, continue to defend it as the best of all, especially after having recently released version 4.0 that improves substantially the previous one.

Divi is probably the easiest to use and as we say it gives very good results.

If after doing your analysis you opt for it, take a look at our Hosting Divi designed to create your website in less than 30 days.

Thrive Architect

One of the most prominent visual editors in Spain, since it has been used by many people despite the fact that in the rest of the world it is not as well known, or at least it is used much less than the rivals that we will discuss below and that little by little they are eating the market.

Thrive Architect is an editor designed especially to create landing pages or more specific sales pages .

He is a complete page designer but perhaps he is more focused on optimizing the sale and acquisition of Leads, although as we say, you can create complete sites with him.

Beaver Builder

This is perhaps the layout artist most used by design professionals today since its possibilities are endless, although it is sometimes true, if you want to do something complicated, it is somewhat more difficult to handle than the others, but as we say, this it is due to the infinity of possibilities that it presents.

Use a Drag & Drop system that allows you to see how you modify the design of your site on the live front end.

One of the things we like most about Beaver Builder is the infinity of Addons that you can find in the market , which allow you to have infinity of templates and blocks predesigned by third parties ready to include in your design with a simple click.

This gives you endless options for creating web pages quickly and without technical knowledge.

Elementor Pro

Elementor is the most recent of all the mentioned plugins, but it is undoubtedly one of the strongest on the market.

It has a free version that you can find in the WordPress repository that gives you many possibilities to create a professional website with a few clicks.

This has made it the preferred option for many users who, in principle, have no interest in paying for such a plugin.

It is true that if you want to achieve the best results and have access to all its possibilities, you will have to do with the Elementor Pro version , which is the paid version, but for starters or for basic things the free version is also quite complete.

On the other hand, like Beaver Builder, it has countless companies behind that are creating very good and affordable Addons which allow you to extend their possibilities to the maximum.

The war of the best visual layout designers has only just begun, we will see who is the winner over time or if new editors come out that outnumber current editors.

And to you, which visual editor do you think is the best?

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