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Best Water Purifier To Buy This Season

A water purifier is now a must-have for every household that aims to stay well. Fitness is not a myth, if you are consuming the right things. Water is essential and it constitutes a good percentage of our body. To drink safely and stay healthy, you need to afford a water purifier that is in sync with your budget. With a click you can get hold of a glass of safe drinking water, and what else can you ask for. All the more presently, it has now been affordable and easily available in the market. 

There have been a good number of brands in the market that can give you the flavour of safe drinking water. If you choose a brand of repute, you will get some amazing experience with your water purifier. Various technologies are coming up, that may confuse you completely. However, you need to choose the right technology for the right kind of water you have. It will help you meet all your water consumption goals and get the right model for yourself. For an easy selection, you need to know everything that it takes to bring home the best natural water purifier.


What is a water purifier?


A water purifier is a technology that purifies and filters the contaminated water to purified and clean water. Water contains a lot of hard and soft pollutants that may harm you if consumed. The water purification process undergoes various filters and membranes to offer you a safe and clean glass of water that is free from all sorts of pollutants. There is some very popular type of water technologies that can give you the best feel about having a clean and safe glass of water. It is easily available in the market and you can get hold of it, as it is not at all expensive.

Types of water purifier


Reverse osmosis: A RO water purifier is the most common and popular one in the market. Various brands are selling RO water purifiers on a large scale. The RO water purifier is the most commonly used one for every Indian household. It works on the technology of reverse osmosis where the water is passed through a semi-permeable membrane that helps the water to get separated from the contaminants and pollutants. Only the clean water is filtered out, that you can have. The RO water purifier has a lot of filters and membrane in it that help in the complete purification process. A RO water purifier is best used if the drinking water is hard and contains more sediment and pollutants than microorganisms or bacteria. You can easily handle the way your water is treated and get amazing results on your health. So if you are looking out for a hard water purifier you can easily go for a RO water purifier. Look for a brand like LG that will give you the best deal.

Ultraviolet water purifier: A UV water purifier works on soft drinking water that has more microorganisms and bacteria. Such water has a very less percentage of sediment and pollutants but has a lot of bacteria causing diseases. These bacteria are present in water and cause several waterborne diseases and virus-causing diseases. The UV water purifier works with the help of ultraviolet light that kills the microorganisms. The rays are so strong that they kill the bacteria and viruses that were patent enough to cause you harm.

UF water purifier: Ultra filter water purifier works without the need for electricity. It is a great technology that has come up and does not need the support of electricity to work. You can go for a combination of UV and UF if you have medium texture water that has both sediment and bacteria. Such a combination of water technologies can help you have the best form of drinking water that is safe. You cannot afford to risk your life with a glass of contaminated water that will cause you serious health ailments. Make sure you are getting a UF water purifier if you feel you need a water purifier without the need for electricity. They are a little expensive but helps you save a good deal for the long run.

5 best water purifiers

  • LG WW180EP 8 Litres Water Purifier (Black)
  • LG WW170EP 8 Litres Water Purifier (Red)
  • LG Puricare WW140NP Water Purifier
  • LG Ww152NP water purifier
  • LG 172EP water purifier

Wrapping up

LG has never failed to impress the market with the amazing range of water purifiers. Buy water purifier online by visiting the LG website. It will help you handle the right technology at the right price like never before. You can go ahead and work towards the best form of life that has no issues in it.

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