Be a Better Guitar Player — Follow the Tips Straight From the Experts!

Being a good musician is purely bliss! But apart from natural talent, it takes lots of effort, right practise, and great tips to achieve this feat. Especially when you want to become an amazing guitarist. Well, only hard work and total dedication will make you one. Of course, your love for music and guitar should be prevalent too.

The excellent tips from the experts on how to play the guitar perfectly!

Whether you are a new learner in playing the guitar or you require sharpening your knowledge, some tips can always help in making you a great guitarist. And since these are coming from the experts, you can bank on them too!  

  • Be patient— The first rule of being a good guitar player is to have absolute patience. You can’t learn all the difficult chords and lessons on the very first day. It takes time to understand the guitar and its proper working. Then you’ll have to concentrate more upon playing with soul rather than hurrying to play every tune. So, be patient, give yourself some time and stay absolutely calm and relaxed while playing the instrument.

  • Be comfortable with your guitar — Another requirement of being a great guitarist is to love your guitar and be totally at home with it. Try getting accustomed to the device and also practising just the movement of fingers on the strings. And if it’s a brand new guitar or the one that was unused for some time now, go for guitar setup in Melbourne via Colourtone Guitars. They know it all about the guitars and their team can help with an ideal setup as per your usage. Once the setup is flawless, you can play any tune on this instrument perfectly and comfortably.

  • Use the right fingers in the first stages — During your first days of being a better guitarist, concentrate on using the right fingers on the fretboard. And if possible, use your fingertips to get a better hang of the tune. This practice, in the beginning, makes you a pro later that can play any chord in the guitar by just using the fingertips.

  • Start with the small chords — The secret of going for the higher nuances of being a guitarist is to start small. Learn very small chords of two or three scales at the first stage. Eventually, go for increasing the chords and become an expert in playing the complex chords as well.

  • Learn a new tune every day — Though practising is important, you just can’t ignore the need of learning something new each day. With your guitar, you have to do the same. Dedicate some time to your daily practice and also add some time to learning new tunes each day. You’ll soon master the art of playing any kind of chord by following this step religiously.

  • Go for silent rehearsing — Ever heard about silent rehearsing? It’s a fine technique to master your art of playing the guitar on the go. Like, even if you are watching your favourite show on television, you tend to keep your fingers on the fretboard and play scales without pulling the strings. So, no sounds are made, yet you get to practise the chords perfectly as well.

  • Track your progress — Always keep track of your progress from day one as to how far you’ve come in the course of time. And patting your back once in a while doesn’t do any harm for the hard work you do!  This lets you get the motivation to continue for betterment. And if you are pretty slow in your lessons, then by tracking your progress you know how much hard you still have to work. 

According to the experts, these tips are enough to bring out the best guitarist in you. Of course, along with all these, do consider getting a metronome – a device that helps you get a hang of the tunes better, keep practising regularly and don’t forget to listen to your favourite tunes too. Because the best guitarist isn’t born with all the right skills, it’s what’s gained with time and hard work!  


Written by Eada Hudes

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