Basics of Strategy Consulting: Skills Required To Launch Your Career On The Fast Track

What is Strategy Consulting?

Strategic consultancies advise organizations on executive decisions in a neutral way, using deep industry knowledge to provide the best results. Strategy consulting is a type of management consulting, which commonly implies advising to the C-level executives of the company.

Strategy consultants work across different industries, with private and public sector bodies over a varied range of issues. For instance, if a company is looking for options to restructure its workforce, the strategic consultant comes in and advises the top management as to how to manage the loss of production.

Why Do Business Organizations Use Strategy Consultancies? 

A pertinent question that comes to mind is “Why don’t businesses take care of these strategic questions themselves?” Consulting firm are brought on board in the making of pivotal decisions that are essential to the bright future of the company, to make sure that every viewpoint is properly vetted.

Auto consulting and engineering consulting services can completely dedicate themselves to the question at hand, while management executives can use their brain space on how to generate operational revenues for the company. Consulting firms also have profound expertise to offer on a particular subject such as restricting or market positioning.

There are also scenarios where strategic consultants serve a legal purpose. During a merger, before the transaction is closed, it is against the law to share information between the two merging companies. Consultant firms operate in an independent professional realm, sourcing information from both parties to create a ready-to-implement strategy until the last document is signed.

Skills Required For A Career In Strategic Consulting

Strategy consulting is one of the most lucrative and competitive destinations for smart graduates. Strategy consultancies require a mix of specific industry knowledge and general skills in the fresh recruits.

Analytical skills

The talent to collect and analyze huge amounts of data, to conduct a problem assessment and then structure solutions to present information at different levels, is needed for a career in Strategy consulting. These skills are examined in potential candidates through different cases studies in consulting firms.

People skills

Consulting is a client-centric industry and a great deal of time will be spent dealing with the top management to have a better understanding of the issues they’re facing. Prospective candidates should be able to build long-lasting relationships, be extremely persuasive when necessary and should know when to take a step back.

Time Management

Strategic consultants work towards achieving tight deadlines and missing them is not considered an option.


Even when you’ve reached a certain degree of expertise, there will be plenty of new learning points. Aspiring graduates should constantly assess and reassess their performance and find areas of improvement.

The Way forward

Given the amazing innovation and number of start-ups in the market race, there will be consolidation among the existing companies in the not too far future. Strategic consultancies will come up with innovative solutions not only as high-margin delivery lines but as essential to maintaining their high-end advice.


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Written by Amrina Alshaikh


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