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Badminton Rules and Regulations

Badminton is one of the fastest sport which also require speed and accuracy. a player can only compete when he had learned all the basics and is well known about the rules and regulations of the game. Badminton has its two forms ‘singles’ and ‘doubles’ each organization that took part in the match are allowed with their one singles and one doubles team. The student can compete in both.


  • The player has to wait until his opponent is ready before he serves.
  • The feet of the players can not touch the line before serving and their feet should remain in a stationary position until then.
  • If the shuttle is missed while serving it won’t be count as a foul.
  • Whenever there is a service a point is scored.
  • A player is not allowed to hold the racket near to the net to ward off or to loosen up the opponent’s stroke with his racket.


  • When the game begins the score remains 0-0 for both the players. and when the score of the server is even so the server serves from the right service court and if the server score is odd then he has to serve from the left service court.
  • The server scores a point if he wins a rally and then serves from the same alternate court.
  • The receiver scores a point when he wins a rally and then he becomes the new server. and the same rule applies for him if even score then service from the right and if odd score service from the left.


  • In Doubles a side has only one set.
  • When the game starts the server serves from the right service court and if the score is even the service is served from the right service court and if the score is odd the service is served from the left service court.
  • The serving side players didn’t change their places until they score a point.


  • Between a match, a 1-minute interval or break is allowed for the players.
  • When the leading score reaches 11 players change their ends in the third game.


These rules are signed by BWF and are applied in every competitive badminton match or tournament. The score odd or even decides the court where to serve from either left or right. and in other cases, the server serves from the alternate court. And each and every player has to follow these rules and regulations. Keep practicing to know more about badminton and to become a good player, with the help of its top basic gears. 

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