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Journals and Diaries are very old fashioned is what people think but it is not the case. If you have observed many distinguished people, writers with a lot of literature, language and knowledge always share their thought sand treasure their thoughts in a journal. Journals are beautiful because they help you keep your thoughts on paper and they are very personalized. Although we have gained a lot of knowledge, there is artificial intelligence, machine learning and many other technologies. Many digital occurrences in the present scenario. However old fashioned Diaries are very helpful to improve psychological feelings as well there are many positive points about using a journal the primary ones could be:

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Taking care of the mental health 

As per studies it is very important to use pen and paper in order to have a proper flow of thoughts. A diary or a journal is very helpful to have a construction of thoughts and frame of mind. These things demonstrate a lot of logical and emotional balance. It is a great measure to implement writing at the end of the day. Because it has a great effect on Mind by offering a proper understanding of the past. It helps to calm down the emotional stress. Once you review the events of the entire day you understand what was good and what was bad. And this write up helps to havea focus on the future and helps to avoid the same scenario in future. 

Improving writing skills 

Today there are many students who do not have proper skills of writing. Have you ever wondered why it happened? It has not happened for the people in the past, this is because of the structural thoughts. Today’s students do not have proper writing skills because they are more attached to computers, tablets and mobile phones. Although having technical knowledge is important, typing does not only help people, it is very important to have good writing skills and it can be only improved by writing regularly in fact every day. It also processes the thoughts of the person while you start writing. You have to organize thoughts and frame the sentence properly and all these things help to improve grammar and interpersonal skills because you are communicating who you are writing to. 

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Time management and calendar management 

There are many people who are very poor at time management and proper planning. Proper planning happens only by having a schedule. And how can you schedule in a better way? It is always done by writing because as you write your brain has to think and use schedule properly. This way you do not have any e abandoned meetings or late meetings or meetings that you have forgotten. 

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Career growth: 

It is a very wonderful activity in fact it can also help you in your career. Because there are many career options in journalism, having a great grip on how to write and format proper thought is a very good skill and it can fetch you a good career today there are many types of journals present in the market. For example there are very stylish and hand crafted embossed journals which are very simple yet they remind you of the artistic skills of the person who has made it. 

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Goal setting apart from having a proper plan and time management writing also helps to achieve goals while you’re right it a journal you can easily put down things that you want to do and achieve at a certain time here you can actually plan out things properly based on your time limit budget experience and what you want to achieve in this way you can achieve goals and also set proper achievable targets 

Self reflection 

This thing cannot happen without journal self reflection is something that will help you to become a better person for the next day. While you’re right you think about the things that you have done today and you are sure that you’ll be a better person the next day whether it is time management or your work management, or balancing family life.

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