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Are you applying lipsticks in the right way?

The inward significance is of a great deal but the appearance is not less important. It is due to the fact that appearance is valued naturally in our society and the best way to enhance it is through cosmetic products and makeup. Women and makeup products go hand in hand and both cannot survive without each other. Everyone is beautiful but makeup just distinguishes one from the rest. If we say that beauty is the spirit and makeup is the art, then it won’t be wrong.

So, whenever you want to sharpen your eyes, add striking color to lips, apply a specific base foundation to the face, appear pretty and look elegant, then a few strokes of makeup is the best way. Gone are the days when makeup was only used by women. Now, there are numerous cosmetic brands that are manufacturing cosmetic and beauty products that are specifically for men. Cosmetic boxes play a vital role in differentiating men’s beauty products.

Previously, makeup was only confined to parties and weddings but the trend has drastically changed. Now, makeup is used almost everywhere from the professional environment to everyday routine. People buy the best makeup and beauty products to appear beautiful. Out of all makeup products, one of the most used makeup items is lipstick. Today, we will explain how lipsticks can be applied in the correct way and how to purchase a lipstick?

Significance of Lipsticks

Today, no woman would leave the house without having lipstick in her purse. Having lipsticks with them gives confidence. The best thing about lipsticks is that they come in a lot of colors and shades. Regardless of the color of lipsticks that are being produced by cosmetic brands, the ingredients that are being used are almost the same. This is how women get to use their desired colors for the lipsticks. If the outfit a woman is wearing is red, then she can choose to have a red color lipstick while it can be blue when the outfit is blue. In this way, many women make contrasts as well. That is how lipsticks go hand in hand.

Lipsticks are very practical and versatile cosmetics. Fortunately, no strict regulations have been established to restrict or limit its use. Therefore, they can be used whenever desired. There is also no age after which lipstick is recommended or discouraged. They are used at the discretion of each user.

How do you apply lipstick?

All of us have probably painted our lips at some point. But have we really gotten it right? Do you want to know how to apply lipstick? Here is a step-by-step explanation of the correct complete technique to paint your lips. To begin with, we should not simply apply lipstick. It is recommended to prepare the lips before doing it.

  • Good preparation is achieved by exfoliating the lips and hydrating them with lip balm
  • We can also use a primer, although it is optional
  • Finally, we outline our lips with lipstick
  • Next, we move on to applying the lipstick properly. It is best to do it from the center out of the lips

It is important to try to cover all the cracks on the lips. Next, we apply a second layer of product. To remove excess lipstick, we insert a finger into our mouth and remove it, pressing the lips together. Finally, for a longer duration, we press the lips with a piece of paper and apply fixing powder.

We remove the handkerchief and apply a last layer of lipstick. For a better finish, we correct any excesses around the lips. If we want a juicier effect, we can complement the result with lip gloss. As you can see, lip painting is not as simple as it seems. It requires some technique and skill.

How to remove my lipstick?

Many times we tend to overlook the importance of removing makeup. In addition to painting our lips, we must know how to remove the applied color. How can we remove the lipstick and what products can we use? The expert in dermatology Patricia Cerda takes us out of doubts with her advice on it.

The professional recommends using products specifically designed for delicate areas such as the lips. This is the case of makeup remover gels for eyes and lips, available on the market. These cosmetics allow us to remove lipstick in a way that is respectful of our skin. They are effective even for permanent lipsticks.

Purchase criteria

When purchasing a lipstick, it is important that you evaluate certain factors. Next, we have included the most relevant aspects that you should consider before buying this product. Thus, you can make sure that you make the appropriate decision, choosing the lipstick that best suits your needs.

  • Facial features
  • Colour
  • Format and packaging
  • Composition

Facial features

Pay attention to your lips, eyes, your skin color, hair, and the shape of your face.

When choosing a lipstick or another, it is very important that you look at the characteristics of your face. The size of your lips, your eyes, the color of your skin and hair, and the shape of your face are important. All these aspects will make one lipstick favor you more than another. Therefore, it will be necessary to assess them when deciding.


As is logical, one of the main aspects to take into account of lipstick is its color. The choice of color will depend on several aspects. On the one hand, it will depend on your personal tastes. You should always choose the lipstick that you like the most. In addition, aspects such as the time of year, the occasion, and your physical appearance come into play.

Format and packaging

Cosmetic packaging boxes in which lipsticks are enclosed are of significant importance. Being a customer your prime focus should be upon how a brand is presenting their products in the market. Lipstick boxes can provide information as well as depict the elegance of the enclosed lipstick. As we have mentioned, we can find lipsticks available in a wide variety of different formats. Each of them has certain advantages and disadvantages that it will be necessary to assess. For example, if you suffer from dry lips, it is best to opt for a stick or cream lipstick.

These formats provide a certain degree of hydration. In the same way, try to avoid highlighter lipsticks, as they dry out the lips. If you want a perfect and scrupulous finish, pencil lipsticks will be your ideal ally.


Last but not least, you always have to take the time to review the composition of our cosmetics. As you well know, lipsticks are safe products that have undergone quality controls. However, there are certain components that have been described as dangerous or potentially harmful.

 It is advisable to lean towards lipsticks with a lower proportion of these substances. In addition, special care must be taken in the case of allergy sufferers or skin diseases. In these cases, it is essential to ensure that the product in question is free of compounds that may be harmful to our health.

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