Are Online Classes Easier Than Traditional Classes

The trend of online classes has increased these days, especially after the offspring of COVID-19. Due to the spreading of the deadly virus, the way of learning has shifted from traditional to online. Once the situation gets under control, traditional classes might be resume. But till then, online classes will continue. Most people prefer online classes, whereas a majority prefers the traditional way of learning. Both forms of learning have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, there is no solid answer to the debate that either online classes are easier than traditional. Every person has its perspective that is built by having experiences with their online and traditional classes.

Based on their experiences, we have classified their opinions into two basic categories; merits and demerits of online classes in comparison to traditional classes. If you are a student and thinking to continue your education but are confused because of online classes then you are in the right place. This blog post will discuss whether online classes are easier than traditional classes or not. This post will help you in building your opinion regarding online classes and will help you in making decisions regarding your studies. If you are having problems with your online classes then we recommend you hire some professional. Ask them to take my online class for me and it might help you.

Are Online Classes Easier Than Traditional Classes

To build a rational opinion on this debate, we have come up with some pros and cons of online classes. Let’s have a look at a few of the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of learning.

Advantages of Online Classes

  • Flexibility

Online classes are more flexible than traditional ones. Flexibility means you can take your class sitting at your place at any time. It means you don’t need to dress up specifically for college or pack your bag. All you need to do is to log in and can take your class any place at any time. Online classes provide you with the flexibility to attend your lectures along with your job or other house errands.

  • Less Expensive 

Online learning is less expensive than traditional classes. According to the latest research, one in every four students prefer online classes because of this advantage. Hence, the question arises on how online classes are less expensive than on-campus classes? Online classes save traveling expenses along with the expenses of eating, buying notes, parking, etc. if you take classes virtually by sitting at your place, then all these expenses get eliminated except the tuition fee. As most of the students have limited assets to spend, thus, they try to spare some money. Online classes can help in saving money, which you can utilize in learning something or can invest in enhancing your skills.

  • Builds Strong Student-Teacher Bond

Online classes help in building a strong teacher-student bond, which, usually in traditional classes, is missing. Online classes provide the advantage to interact with the teachers more easily. In the traditional classes, students have to run behind teachers to get their queries resolved. However, in online classes, you can ask your queries by leaving your questions on the chatbox. You can even take feedback from your teachers and can resolve your queries. Thus, online classes are a source of building strong student-teacher bond and increase interaction. It helps even the shy students to ask questions with their teachers without any fear.

  • Systematic Way

Online classes seem to be more organized and systematic. If you have ever visited any site that offers online courses, you would have seen a proper module breakdown. In online classes, proper schedule along with the topics are mentioned along with the faculty members. Even the proper schedule of quizzes are given. Thus, online classes carry things properly and systematically.

  • Easily Accessible 

Another main advantage of online classes is that they are easily accessible. It means that you can log in to your online classes from anywhere, sitting at any place. All you need is to have a good computer and a strong Internet connection. Unlike traditional classes, in which you have to go to campus to attend in-person lectures


  • No Time Constraints 

In most of the online classes, there are no time constraints. You can easily take your online class at any time you want. You can continue your education along with your job or any other activities. It is one of the main advantages of taking online classes as it permits you to take classes virtually at any time at any place.


  • Accredited Programs 

Online programs on websites are usually accredited by renowned universities. If you opt for any course which is accredited, it would be recognized by all the universities, and you would be considered as a certified professional. Opting for accredited online programs will assist you in the future to apply for state and federal jobs easily to make your career.

Challenges Faced in Traditional Classes 

The problems faced by the students in online classes are as follows;

  • Networking Issues

The first challenge which the majority of the students face is networking issues. Students usually face weak connectivity issues or unconditional working of their systems due to which they are unable to carry on their online classes. Due to this reason, many students prefer on-campus classes. Good computer and a strong internet connection are the two main elements that are necessary for continuing online education.

  • Less Motivation 

Online classes sometimes cause zero motivation. Due to no time constraints and flexibility, the student becomes lazy and keeps on procrastinating things. It results out in making a person inefficient. On the contrary, in online classes, the student is more motivated because he/she will meet his/her friends and will have interactive physical sessions. Thus, due to these reasons, people prefer to take on-campus classes to increase their motivation level.

  • Increase in Responsibility

 Online classes increase the responsibility of the person. The student is responsible for taking classes and finishing all the assignments, homework, and quizzes before the deadline. However, in traditional classes, teachers keep on giving reminders. There is a pressure of taking classes regularly due to attendance. In online classes, it becomes the responsibility of a person to take online classes and to complete its credential hours before the deadline. Therefore, some students prefer to take on-campus lectures because they are less responsible.

  • Self-Direction 

In the educational journey, students need the direction which they can get from their teachers from time to time in traditional learning. But unfortunately, in online classes, they need to direct themselves and choose their path. When taking an online course, you are the mentor of yourself, which sometimes goes in a negative direction. However, chances increase that you have chosen the wrong course that might not match your objectives.

Some people prefer online classes due to their advantages, and some don’t because of their disadvantages. It does not mean that online classes are easier than traditional. It all depends on which suits you more.


Written by Libby Howells