The art of cosplay has almost become mainstream. From TV shows to movies, people are slowly warming up to dressing up as a character outside of Halloween. For this reason, event organizers across the world have started hosting cosplay events and conventions.

If you’re keen on attending one but feel anxious about how the whole event takes place and operates, here are a few helpful tips.

To cosplay or not cosplay

Cosplay conventions are a great excuse to come as your favorite character, whether it be Spock from Star Trek or in your best Zelda cosplay costumes. But make sure you make the decision far in advance of the event because going in character needs enough time to put together the look.

But rest assured if you don’t have the confidence to rock a look, for now, cosplay conventions are also a welcoming place for cosplay fans. Even if you’re in your normal street clothing, you will still have a blast interacting with attendees and taking pictures with cosplayers.

Book a place

Not every city is going to be hosting a cosplay convention seeing as the art of cosplay is still largely considered a niche market. If you don’t live in a major urban area but would like to attend a cosplay event in another city, be sure you have your accommodation figured out.

Most people bunk beds with friends and family who live in the city the event is taking place to save money. Others, especially those coming in character, prefer to stay at a nearby hotel for convenience.

Better to come in a group

Cosplay aficionados come in many forms. Some are introverts and like to keep to themselves; others are extroverted and are the life of the party. But no matter which spectrum you fall in, attending cosplay events in a group is way better than doing it alone.

For one, you’ll have more fun at these events when you’re with friends. Two, groups get more perks such as cheaper tickets. And three, the cost of booking a hotel room is going to be cheaper if you have someone to split the bill with.

Get tickets ASAP

And speaking of tickets, you’ll want to get a hold of cosplay convention tickets as soon as it drops. Many organizers offer an Early Bird promo for eager attendees who buy the tickets very early and they’re usually way cheaper than regular ones.

Get consent for photos

While cosplay events might be a place to show off your cosplaying skills, it is still a place of safety and acceptance. Some people who attend it might like showing off their character but are anxious about posing for a photo. It is, therefore, very important that before you take a photo of a cosplayer, first ask them if it’s okay. More than likely they will say yes.

The only other times they’ll say no is they’re resting, eating, or rushing to attend a panel or meet someone. If they do say no, please respect their answer and just move on.


Eliza Brooks is an ardent blogger who loves to write about outdoor, travel, fiction, and more. She is currently working with, which offers a wide variety of costumes from anime characters like zelda cosplay costumes to children’s Halloween costumes.


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