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An aircon that does not produce enough cooling is unpleasant and an indication from your aircon that it is due for regular aircon servicing. The following are some of the top aircon problems that are faced by the people of Singapore

  • Aircon service:

                   Letscool aircon is a trusted aircon servicing providing company in Singapore. Highly recommended for quality aircon repair and servicing, Letscool aircon also offers top-notch customer service.

  • Aircon repair service:

                     Letscool aircon has technicians who offer professional aircon services of repairing and servicing. They provide the best aircon repair services for all brands and models of the aircon which include replacing all parts of the aircon.

  • Aircon chemical wash:

                     This company provides a thorough cleaning of the aircon and flushing the bacteria and germs out of the aircon. This is the most famous aircon chemical wash service package in Singapore that we offer and is highly recommended to homeowners who have pets and kids.

  • Aircon chemical overhaul:

                      Letscool aircon offers an aircon chemical overhaul is a perfect deep cleaning of the whole aircon. Aircon chemical overhaul is highly recommended for older aircon units that need comprehensive maintenance.

  • Aircon general service:

                     Aircon general service includes cleaning the blower wheel, filters, fan blade, indoor evaporator coil, and flushing of the drainage system of the aircon.

  • Aircon installation:

                      Letscool aircon provides aircon installation services in Singapore to offices and residential homes.

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