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Acne Scar Treatments – The Best Acne Scar Rejuvenation For Beautiful Skin, Quickly

Acne Scars treatment products can feel overwhelming, confusing, and often leave us disappointed. The best approach to quickly and permanently eliminate scars is to use a combination of an at home product with monthly or bimonthly medical spa procedures. 

A gentle at home product used several times per week to gently exfoliate and accelerate new skin cell turn over will eliminate acne marks, and will also prep the skin for your scar treatment procedure. *Never use anything abrasive at home, as it could further damage the skin.

The most common acne scars & best professional procedures for each type:

Acne Marks appear flat and discolored. Acne marks are the most common and are simple to eliminate. Since they are superficial, chemical exfoliation is the most efficient treatment. Use a medical strength cleanser specifically designed for acne marks, a prescription grade retinoid, or chemical peel treatment. These treatments will efficiently, and quickly remove post acne marks.

Raised Acne Scars appear due to an over production of collagen as the skin heals from acne. Raised scars should be treated by mechanical exfoliation (dermabrasion), or a steroid injection which will flatten the scar tissue immediately. 

Deep Pitted Acne Scars are the most difficult to treat due to a loss of skin structure. Deep pitted scars are most often a result of cystic acne or aggressive treatment of the skin. The best treatment for deep-pitted scars is a Fractional laser treatment, or an injectable filler. Injectable fillers instant plump the skin to create a smooth surface, although the plumping affect will only last for 6 months or so.  Fractional laser treatments (Profractional or Fraxel) are expensive yet will smooth the skin surface by an average of 60%.

Acne Scar Treatment Summary:

The fastest and most effective method to regain beautiful, healthy looking skin is to use a combination of home products and professional scar treatment procedures. Since most medical spa scar removal procedures are expensive and should only be preformed every 6 weeks or so, it is vitally beneficial to continue using a post acne scar treatment between procedures at home.


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