Acessories to enjoy More Of The NinTendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has become a complete revolution, the console that we can find in its portable version or the one that can also be used together with the television is a success in sales. But not everything stays in the games or the console itself, there are many accessories available to take advantage of this console and make us enjoy, protect and take advantage of our console even more.

So that you do not miss any of them, we are going to present you with the best accessories for the Nintendo Switch, something that we did previously by showing you the accessories available for Google Stadia. We all like to enjoy our free time playing our favorite games and to be able to enjoy the experience, even more, some accessories can become essential.

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The most recommended accessories for Nintendo Switch

We know that everyone has their preferences and tastes for that reason rather than offering you specific products, what we are going to do is give you ideas of the accessories that we can find for the Nintendo Switch . Then using the Internet search engines you will be able to find the products that we have made known to you and choose the store where you want to order them or go with our blog on your mobile and show them in the stores that we have nearby to buy it personally.

Carrying cases for storing the Nintendo Switch

The most basic of all is protection and that is why we begin by reviewing the covers that we can find . Among them there are many that focus solely on the console, but there are others that add the possibility of saving our games in it or doing it separately.

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The case type covers are the most popular because they offer great resistance for our console in a small space. We can take it on a trip with the charger without fear that it will break. But as we have mentioned, there are also cases to store the Nintendo Switch games with different sizes depending on the number of games we want to save. Composed of EVA material to protect without possible scratches on the game cards.

Screen protectors or covers

We continue to focus on making our console last a long time and that is why we recommend you take a look at the many silicone cases that are available. Although it is a basic cover it can save us from various scares. The same goes for protectors that will allow the screen not to be scratched or broken.

Replacement Joy-Con controllers

Unfortunately, the controls included in the Nintendo Switch are not forever and with a bump or fall it can break. However, luckily, we have the option to buy them separately and be able to play our games normally again. They have everything you need such as wireless transmission and vibration.

Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch

If we want to improve the gaming experience with a controller in the pure style of classic consoles, we have this option that will provide us with a more professional quality when playing. We can find it in different shades and patterns. It needs to be charged and it comes with its USB cable as well as HD vibration technology and NFC point, which allows the operation of the figures.

Joy-Con steering wheels

One of the funniest accessories that we can get for the Nintendo Switch, with them we will live in the first person the experience of going aboard the Super Mario car and enjoy speed games much more. These controls include two SL / SR buttons to facilitate operation and make the game more fun.

Nintendo switch the steering wheel

We just have to place the Joy-Con inside them and we will start to pilot our favorite character on television or on the console itself. With the pack of two flyers, we can compete with friends and make the afternoon very enjoyable.

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Ring Con and ribbons to enjoy Ring Fit Adventure

Finally, we know the accessories accompanied by a game that attracts the attention of adults and children An experience that makes us the player of the game to get through levels. With our Nintendo Switch controllers, we will be able to attach them to this kind of ring and the character that we have chosen will replicate the movements.

Ring Fit Adventure

We will have to defeat enemies and do physical tests so that while we get in shape we make our character go to the next level. There are also mini games available that we can enjoy with this accessory and thus enjoy with our friends or family. The Nintendo sports accessory that will make us sweat the most without leaving home


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