A Visit to Hazratganj Market to Shop Till You Drop

Lucknow, the capital of India’s largest state, is regarded as North India’s cultural and political hub. People come to Lucknow from all over the world to shop, study, and enjoy themselves. According to Ministry of Tourism data, Uttar Pradesh ranked first in the country in terms of domestic tourist arrivals in 2012. The city, which was once ruled by Nawabs, has many attractive destinations for tourists to explore and marvel at, including spectacular markets and monuments.

The city is a shopping paradise, with everything a shopper could want, from imported goods to finely crafted clothing at prices that are beyond comprehension. You will be overwhelmed by the options and will be able to splurge until you drop. The Hazartganj market, which is one of Lucknow’s oldest, deserves special mention. If you haven’t been to the city yet, book your Delhi to Lucknow flight tickets now and explore the markets for yourself.

Ganjing at Hazaratganj

The Hazaratganj market, which dates back to 1810, has several lanes dedicated to music, poetry, and perfumes. The market, which was modelled after Queen Street in London, was frequented by royal ladies and Britishers during colonial rule. In 2010, the market was redesigned and improved to enhance its beauty and reclaim its former glory.

Hazaratganj, in the heart of Lucknow, is a major shopping district. There are bazaars that specialise in specific products, shopping malls, Company outlets, restaurants, theatres, and showrooms in the area. In addition, there is an open-air amphitheatre and fountains where visitors can sit and admire the scenery. Some of the unique products that are in high demand and draw customers to the location include:

Chikankari Shopping

Lucknow is well-known for its Chikankari art. Made using a variety of techniques and textile fabrics, it is extremely popular among shoppers. A wide range of Chikan work can be found in Hazratganj’s Janpath Market at multiple stores. The place also offers a variety of other handicrafts goods. If you interested in buying suits and other handicrafts goods at reasonable prices, book your flights tickets from Delhi to Lucknow now.

Electronic Goods and Books

Hazratganj is well-known for its electronics market, which sells PCs, desktops and other related products. People frequently travel to the area to buy electronic goods. Furthermore, the area is home to a plethora of well-established bookstores frequented by bookworms. You can even read the book at the place before buying.


What’s the point of going to Hazratganj if you haven’t tried the local delicacies? Lucknawi cuisine is popular among foodies, both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, who rave about its flavour and richness. The street food and restaurants in the area serve local delicacies that are distinctive to the area.

Stroll in the Area

After shopping, you can take a stroll through the streets of Hazaratganj, which still retains some of the era’s iconic structures, such as the Dilkusha Kothi, an 18th-century British style house.

 Hazaratganj is a premium shopping destination for both tourists and shopaholics. The place has a certain allure to it that reminds us of the city’s reputation for novelty. If you get tired after a day of shopping, you can easily return home by booking a Lucknow to Delhi flight, as the air connectivity is excellent.


Written by Dilip Singh

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