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A Deep Dive Into Shopify Features

With the internet being ingrained into our lives daily, usage and acceptance of online presence and e-commerce have seen explosive growth in the past decade. Gone are the days of the early 2000s when people were dubious while handing or even sharing the card details with anyone. People nowadays feel free while purchasing and paying for it online. Ecommerce has hugely increased the popularity making website designing and development necessary for businesses to survive in the tough competition. To battle and survive a bit longer on the grounds of the market one needs to develop an online presence or an e-commerce website.

There is no doubt that whenever you talk about e-commerce website development you might have got the suggestion of developing it on shopify website development and wonder what exactly it is? Shopify is a Canada based multinational E-commerce company with the headquarter situated in Ottawa, Ontario which helps with e-commerce website development and is known as one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the market.

Successfully powering over more than 1 and a half million live websites, Shopify provides unmatched functionality by maintaining a smooth and friendly experience for the users. From building an appealing website to attracting positive customers Shopify provides several benefits that help you do it all without any hassle.

Unique features of Shopify

From being the web builder with hundreds of templates to supporting 50 languages and offering 14 days free trial Shopify has so much to provide. Below mentioned are some of the unique features that make Shopify the best CMS platform.

Easy to set up: One of the best features that Shopify holds is that it is easy to set up. It helps users build a website without any technical knowledge which ultimately results as the easiest way to set up. Shopify takes care of the technical part on its own and helps establish a quick online store.

Easy to manage: Website development is easy to manage along with the setup. It lets you modify the site however you want it to be even by using a smartphone or tablet. One can manage the automated calculation of shipping charges, reminders to customers, changing of product prices, tracking of orders placed, calculation of taxes anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Tools to boost sales: Shopify seo services and the best SEO tools help boost sales for the online business. It provides the right titles and Meta tags, ranges of plugins, automated sitemap.xml, and others.

Top-notch security: While doing business online security is the first thing that everyone has in mind. Website development with Shopify provides you with top-notch security and gives you a 256-bit-built-in SSL certificate. The SSL certificate helps you protect your site from hackers and also keeps the stored data safe.

Highly customizable: Shopify provides around 160 themes free and paid both to choose and use from. It provides 50 languages to use which helps create a beautiful and unique online website or shop.

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