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A Complete Overview of Yogamea’s 200-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course 2021

Are you a seeker who wishes to explore Yoga in the purest and deepest form? Yogamea introduces a 200-hour online yoga teacher training course in 2021. We globally offer certified professional teacher training courses while preserving the authenticity of teachings. This course will help you develop all the mandatory skills you need to help you begin practicing Yoga professionally.

With Yoga alliance, we have now validated the 200-hour online Yoga teacher training course for individuals who aspire to be a professional Yoga instructor. By taking up this online yoga teacher training program, you can seamlessly learn how to instruct, modify, correct, and conduct comprehensive Yoga classes.

This blog shares a complete overview of what will be included in this new 200-hour full online Yoga teacher training program. Let’s walk you through this.

What Is This 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Is All About?

A unique specialization of the training is that all the aspirants will learn different approaches to conduct asana practice. You will discover how to balance your chakras, hormones, endocrine glands, and emotions to endure an intense sense of prosperity and tranquillity. This program will provide you with comprehensive insights into the practice of Yoga poses, meditation, along with extensive knowledge of genuine alignment, advantages, contraindications, and extraordinary applications. It will become more comfortable for you to do these asanas in a variety of yoga styles.

You can join this Yoga training program in real-time or at the pace that fits your schedule. Some of the Yoga classes will be commenced live while others could be pre-recorded, and these are rendered through an online course platform. The most significant benefit of this pre-recorded session is that you can access them anytime you want. Online training program delivers a high-interactive and personalized experience to the aspirants.

What Does the Online 200-Hour YTT Course Cover?

· Get Access to Both Theory and Practical Classes, On Video and Live, Of All the Subjects of The Course.

· Our Extensive Manual with Illustrative Photos, Practice Exercises, Theory, And Informative PDFs Printable and Downloadable.

· Discussion Questions After Every Section for Aspirants to Evaluate Their Knowledge.

· Study Guide with Questions for The Final Theory Exam.

· Access to The Private Social Media Group.

· 200-Hour Certification Acknowledged by The Yoga Alliance.

· Ashtanga Led Classes Through Live Sessions and Pre-recorded Videos.

· Vinyasa Flow Classes Through Live Sessions and Pre-recorded Videos.

· Live Yoga Sessions with Professional Instructors.

· Year-Long Access to All the Yoga Course Content.

· Compliance to Complete the Yoga Program at Your Individual Pace.

Planning to Join A Certified Online 200-Hours Professional Yoga Teacher Training Course? 

Be a part of this yoga teacher training journey and seamlessly indulge yourself in Yoga. This program will not only introduce you to the dimensions of Yoga, but you will also get complete administration to develop your career as a professional Yoga Instructor. Start your new year with spark and dedicate your time to a promising and lifelong career. Get in touch with us today to enrol yourself.

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