A Comparative Overview, on Adoption of Lucrative Promotional Strategies for the Marketed RNAi Therapeutics with respect to Oligonucleotide Therapeutics

  • §  Product websites: In order to provide the necessary information related to drugs to patients and healthcare professionals, drug developers launch product specific websites. The primary objective of such portals is to provide details on different aspects, such as indications for which the product can be used, its efficacy, benefits and safety concerns.
  • §  Patient assistance programs: Drug makers generally initiate patient assistance programs in order to help less privileged patient groups get access to their drugs. In such cases, drug developers may offer to pay half or full price of the product for a specified period of time. The objective of such patient assistance programs is to support patients financially, as well as to provide day to day living assistance during the course of the treatment.
  • §  Detailing material (face to face sales and promotional activities): Detailing material, such as leaflets and brochures, containing information on the drug, is another promotional strategy used by pharmaceutical companies. The objective of this strategy is to educate physicians about a specific product, with the expectation that the physician will prescribe the drug to his / her patients, who are suffering from the indication for which the drug is approved.
  • §  Direct to consumer (DTC) advertisements: Promotional campaigns of prescription products that directly target consumers (patients) are known as DTC advertisements. Drug developers generally advertise their products using popular media platforms, such as television, print media (magazines and newspapers) and even over the radio. The main objective is to make patients familiar with the product and provide information on indication(s) for which it can be used, along with efficacy and / or safety results.
  • §  Oral / poster presentations at conferences: Conferences, held at the national or international level, present opportunities to drug developers to present their clinical findings generated from different clinical programs of the drug. Companies participate in such conferences to increase awareness about their initiative and respective drug products, among healthcare professionals.

Complete Report: https://www.rootsanalysis.com/reports/view_document/rnai-therapeutics-market-2nd-edition-2019-2030/278.html


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