9 Reasons why your AC is not cooling properly

It’s hot outside, and the AC is not cooling properly. This is a situation no one wants to experience. In summers, people often come up with this common complaint that their Ac is not effective in cooling the room. There may be several reasons why your AC is not cooling properly. Sometimes, the problem may arise due to poor maintenance and ignoring ac repair in Sacramento CA.

Here are the 9 possible reasons why your Ac has become ineffective in cooling:

Too High humidity levels

No matter whether the humidity is inside the room or outside, it’s an ideal atmosphere for mold growth.  No doubt AC helps remove humidity by providing cool and dry air. But, if the humidity is still too high, there might be a chance that the problem exists somewhere else. In this case, your AC may struggle to remove these high humidity levels. Buying a dehumidifier can help, but if the problem still doesn’t go away, you should call professional plumbing companies to look further into the matter.

The Breaker

Don’t ignore the breakers, as it is extremely important to check them. AC circuit breakers act as safety switches. Whenever it detects an overload, it will turn off the power. The breaker may also get tripped when there is an electrical issue with your AC unit.  

Not paying enough attention to its maintenance

You can’t downplay the importance of regular maintenance services if you want to keep your AC and heating unit working properly and effectively for a long. With regular maintenance, you will not only save money on AC repairs but also extend its lifespan and avoid replacement. Another tip that can help prevent AC failures is using your AC unit in winters too.  When you stop using your AC unit for a long time or some months in a series, the dust will start to accumulate in the system. The debris can make its way on the condenser unit on the outside.


Clogged air filter

One common cause of poor or insufficient cooling is dirty and clogged air filters. So, you should make sure you are keeping air filters clean and clog-free. When air filters become clogged, it will not be able to pass the air freely.

Defective parts

 Air conditioning is a complex unit, as it is composed of many parts. One common reason for the poor cooling capacity of AC is failed parts. The AC can have a faulty thermistor, faulty motor, damaged run capacitor, faulty control board, etc. To identify these issues on time, you should call a top cooling and heater repair Sacramento company for regular AC inspections.

A defective compressor

A compressor is an essential part of an AC unit. It has a vital role to play when it comes to spreading cool air throughout the room. A faulty or defective compressor may be the reason why AC cooling is not enough. When a compressor doesn’t work properly, it fails to pump refrigerant through the system, which leads to insufficiency in the cooling power. As a result, you will experience poor cooling in your room.

Undersized AC

One of the possible reasons the rooms remain warm and devoid of proper cooling is using an undersized AC unit. If your room is large, you will need to consider the AC unit depending on the size of the room.  Larger rooms can’t be cooled with smaller sizes. So, make sure you choose the right size for your AC unit.

Your home has poor insulation

If your home lacks proper insulation, you might face insufficient AC cooling. Despite using the best AC unit, you will not be able to keep your home cool if it has leaks. With the help of professional plumbing companies in Sacramento, you can get your house inspected for leaks and unsealed areas that are a part of the problem. You can also start checking your roofs and windows where you might spot leaks or holes. Check for cracks indoors or other windows.




AC is a complex unit. To recognize the problematic signs that indicate that the AC is failing in cooling the room properly on time, you can take care of the problem before it becomes worse.