8 Ways to Make your Videos More Visually Appealing

Video content creates the most lasting impact. Be it short Reels on Instagram or long video compilations on YouTube, a well-edited video with smooth transitions and amazing animations is bound to catch the viewer’s attention and help you promote or express your thoughts, ideas and opinions better.

Plan Out The Video Content

It is essential to plan out an outline of the content you want your video to contain before you focus on the video quality. Search to see if there are pre-existing videos that revolve around your ideas and try to utilise or incorporate them into your content.

Find an online video editing application that allows one to Crop YouTube videos or videos that you have shot yourself and create customised video content that is meaningful.


Check Composition Rules


The composition can be defined as the way you choose to frame your subject in the video you’re about to capture. In videography, frame your subject by following the rule of thirds, which divides the frame into a three-by-three grid. Place your subject in the intersections.


Usually, placing your subject in the centre of the frame is the wrong choice, especially for beginners, because it leaves a lot of space in the frame. Be careful to avoid too much space above the subject’s head, but do not cut off the top of their head either.

Incorporate a colour scheme


Colour schemes serve as a psychological trigger to the customers or viewers. A carefully selected colour palette is the result of deep consideration and marketing research into what the colour scheme would symbolise with respect to the business’s branding. This is due to the immense effect colours can have on an audience’s mood, which then shapes their actions. Select videos that are aesthetically similar and use a platform that will allow you to Clip YouTube videos and then merge them.

Use Animations


Animations are the perfect way to break the monotonous tone of a video and way to diversify your online content. They allow you to incorporate a unique dynamism to your content. Try to use animations to convey complex topics to general audiences. They can work miracles for an instructional video and make it very easy to follow.To engage a younger audience, make sure to use an abundance or fun and quirky animations so that you manage to keep them entertained.


Use small video segments


Using small video segments not just helps you hold your audience’s attention for longer but also saves time and energy while filming and editing.


As far as filming is concerned, it’s much easier to film short takes, since you or your subject will have fewer things to focus on and more opportunities to reshoot something that you did not like. It also provides more flexibility while editing the takes without making the content look choppy.


Filming in or using short, distinct segments also has the benefit of using those same clips and sound bites to use in previews, trailers and samples, without interfering with your content. You can Trim YouTube videos into shorter segments and use them in your content. This helps you in communicating your message more clearly and concisely.



Infographics are definitely one of the most engaging ways to present the complex flow of information or ideas. They are similar to animations since they can break down certain concepts and make them more understandable to your audience. Studies seem to indicate that incorporating clear and detailed images is more important to at least 67% of consumers than product description, customer ratings, and other text-based content.Infographics are the best way to express flowcharts or boring processes that would otherwise require a substantial amount of time to explain. Visualising the process helps the audience in understanding the concept better.



Using short video segments, along with screenshots, are especially useful while creating instructional videos. They are the best way to represent certain types of information but might end up looking quite unappealing. Cut YouTube video or any other pre-existing video segments to make such videos more engaging and use online apps to jazz up the drab screenshots.

Publish Globally


The internet has turned the world into a global village, and thus, it is so much easier to push your content into the world and watch it shape people’s perspective and ideas. At the very least, some constructive criticism might help you better your work, and you might end up re-inventing yourself. Depending on the kind of audience you cater to and the type of video content you create, share your creations on different social media platforms, websites or even your blog.

There are a variety of online applications that help with all of the above tasks without subjecting the user to a tedious installation process. The best platforms vary from person to person and can only be figured out by constant trial and error.


Written by Sophia william