6 Basic Requirements to Apply For Job Online


Nowadays, most of the processes of getting hired for a new job happens online even more so because of the coronavirus pandemic. Most of the job application processes are completed either on the employer website or via a job portal.

Before you online-apply for job 

Before you start with your job search, you must prepare yourself to meet online job application requirements. You are required to gather all the information you will need to apply. For that, you have to collect your employment information beforehand.

If you too are looking to online apply for job, you need to be ready with some basic requirements like:

Review the best job portals to start looking for jobs

Get ready with resume, cover letter and portfolio

Get on hand all kind of employment information

Streamline the application process

Requirement #1: Basic needs to online-apply for job

You’ll require basic things like an email address for job search, internet access, an updated resume, a portfolio if you work in a creative profession, your employment history, and your availability details before starting to apply for a job online. Based on the job application process, you might need to take an online employment test and provide references.

Requirement #2: Know and use job search keywords

Nowadays, people Google everything. Right from how to floss teeth to how much a Lamborghini cost. Human resource execs are no different. They’ll enter a specific phrase that encapsulates who exactly they want in their company. Their phrase is your keyword. If you have entered a similar keyword in your resume, chances are you’ll be on the first page of search results. Chances are you’ll be looked upon, contacted, and if everything goes well, get hired, first!

Requirement #3: Know your employment history

Have at hand the details of your employment history. Online systems mostly ask for the very same information as paper applications. Stay ready with your contact information, educational background, and employment history with job titles, start and end employment dates, etc.

Requirement #4: Keep resume ready

Getting an updated resume ready for upload is the most crucial thing you’ll need to do when you online-apply for a job. Save your resume as Nameresume.doc rather than giving a generic file name. Also, PDFs might not be scanned by the software, so better upload your resume in a word document. Include a cover letter too. Keep a basic cover letter and customise that for each job you apply to.

Requirement #5: Create accounts on top job portals

You can use free job posting sites to online apply for a job. You’ll be required to register before you apply for jobs. Mark your presence on major job boards. Also, register on LinkedIn.

Requirement #6: Post resume online

Most jobs sites have a provision where you can post your resume. After uploading it, you can quickly apply for jobs on that site. The trick is to make your resume viewable to employers to get extra exposure.


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Written by Amrina Alshaikh


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