5G Satellite Communication Market In-Depth Size, Growth, Top Key Players Analysis

Rising competitive advantages, such as lower latency and ultra-fast network, over previous generation networks (such as 3G or 4G), provided by 5G networks are expected to create growth opportunities for 5G satellite communication network. The evolution of 5G is expected to create a new age of mobile communication in three main field – enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB), massive machine Type Communications (mMTC) and ultra-reliable and low- latency communications (URLLC). These fields require different latencies and high bandwidths, which can be provided by different satellite solution networks, namely backhaul and tower feed, trunking and head-end feed, communication-on-the-move, and hybrid multiplay.Factors such as high energy saving, low latency, ultra-reliable network, and higher bandwidth of a 5G network are leading to an increase in the development of use cases in aviation and consumer electronics. Moreover, an increasing demand for connected ecosystem is facilitating a wide adoption of 5G communication satellite systems by the network operators.

5G is the term used to describe the fifth generation of wireless communication technologies which support cellular data network. The next generation of wireless network addressed the development of massive M2M and internet of things (IoT) applications, fast broadband speed, and significantly reduce the cost for mobile and fixed network. 5G offers high speed internet connectivity, low latency and enhanced safety measures to support the end-user industries such as aviation, consumer electronics, transportation & logistics, energy & utilities, and heavy industries. In addition, significant changes in the demand of consumer for the higher bandwidth, low latency, and seamless connectivity to remote areas has led the telecom companies to collaborate with satellite operators. It will create enormous opportunities for satellite as mobile network operators to balance their 5G services with satellite connectivity and offload their terrestrial networks in a large scale. They will be able to take advantage of satellite’s inbuilt multicasting/broadcast functionality for new use cases, such as connected cars.

Obtain the Sample Report at: https://bisresearch.com/requestsample?id=861&type=downloadSatellite solutions such as backhaul and tower feed, trunking and head end feed, communication-on-the-move, and hybrid multiplay is helpful to the mobile operators in a longer range for the rollout of 5G network in remote areas where terrestrial network for the development of broadband services is too costly. Moreover, functionalities of satellite such as backhauling, multicasting and mobility access enables mobile and fibre operators to expand their coverage areas. Many key players are planning to launch the integration of 5G and communication satellite in the near future. For instance, Industry leaders such as SpaceX and OneWeb are planning to launch 5G-satellite integration networks by 2023, to cater to the growing needs for speed, reliability, and low latency.In the present and initial phase of 5G, the telecom industry is focused upon positioning enhanced mobile broadband use cases for providing faster speed and lower latency than those of 4G network. Moreover, in the near future, with the introduction of New Radio (5G) and Standalone Access, 5G is expected to become more reliable in terms of Gbps speed and latency. However, currently, neither of these technologies is addressed by the satellite communication operators, as providing the backhaul services through Gbps is highly expensive, and latency below 50ms cannot be achieved without the launch of LEO constellation. This can make satellite communication a difficult task for the deployment of satellite with 5G enhanced mobile broadband, as satellite operators are positioning fiber for backhaul services in dense areas but not in rural areas, where satellite backhaul services can have competitive advantage over 5G enhanced mobile broadband. 


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