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5 Ruby Pendants for Your Valentine

“There is only one happiness in life: to love and to be loved.” –

George Sand, Author

It is indeed an exceptional feeling to buy a gift for your special one. Valentine’s week will soon knock on your door and you will feel like love is in the air. Every normal sound will seem like a symphony to you and you both honor your special day by loving each other more. You want to share the week of love and cherish each moment with your partner. Also, you must be planning to make this day full of surprises for your beloved one to make them fall madly in love with you.

Gifting jewelry to your special one will make them feel loved, desired, and beautiful. This reflects their irreplaceable importance in your life.

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Ruby is one of the gemstones that signify passionate love and everlasting devotion. The crimson red color of the ruby is representative of dreamy love. Long ago, French jewelers titled the ruby as ‘dearly loved stone’.

Ruby necklaces are considered the symbol of raw emotion and passionate love. Here we have brought to you some amazing options in ruby necklaces you may gift to your partner on Valentine’s Day to make your special day unforgettable.

1. Heart-shaped Ruby Pendants

Heart-shaped Ruby Pendants

The heart shape has always been regarded as a symbol of romantic love and care. If you want your girlfriend to be pleasantly surprised, then propose to her with the dazzling heart-shaped ruby pendant. The royal-looking heart-shaped ruby pendant or ruby necklace will melt her  heart and make her fall for you. On this Valentine’s Day, show your eternal love to your crush in the form of an astonishing heart-shaped ruby pendant.   

2. Round-shaped Ruby Pendants

Round-shaped Ruby Pendants

The round-shaped design may have become old-fashioned, but the charm of this shape is still giving competition to other shapes. You can make the special day magnificent by gifting this stunning piece of the round-shaped ruby pendant or ruby necklace. The round-shaped pendant will give a royal and beautiful appearance to your special one. It will also reflect your true emotions to your loved one.

3. Oval-shaped Ruby Pendants

Oval-shaped Ruby Pendants

If you are thinking of proposing to your girlfriend and have already started to look for the perfect jewelry, then oval-shaped jewelry will help you impress your girlfriend and make her understand your true emotions. This oval shape stands for uniqueness and individuality and it will help your partner to know their matchless value in your life.   

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4. Emerald-cut Ruby Pendants

Emerald-cut Ruby Pendants

The emerald cut is one of the oldest cuts in stones and it still has high popularity and demand among people. The unique emerald-cut ruby pendant will make your partner look absolutely gorgeous. The elongated rectangular shape of the emerald cut is stunning and unique in itself. Give this unique pendant to your only one and show them your endless love.

5. Asscher cut Ruby Pendants

Asscher cut Ruby Pendants

Asscher cut is a square-shaped cut with cut corners that lead to double diagonals in the form of an X. It brings out the clarity and beauty of the stone in an unmatched manner. The fashionable appearance of the Asscher cut pendant will look enormously attractive with a ruby and make your SO look gorgeous. Gift this ruby necklace or ruby pendant to her and add a layer of trust and love to your relationship.

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