5 Reasons: Why Fantasy Sports are Getting Rapid Growth In The Global Market?

These days, fantasy sports are getting exponential growth in the global market. As per the fantasy app developers, this growth can be imputed into three major reasons that are- it tends to make the games more interactive and attractive for their fans and changing them from a passive user into an active one. Second is differentiating and parting the regular participants from the occasional ones. And, the last is to help the users to get a better understanding of the game.

What is Fantasy Sports?

These are a kind of game and often played via using the internet. In these games, users assemble virtual or imaginary teams, including real sports of a professional game. Both the teams compete depending on their statistical performance in real games. As per the prediction of fantasy app developers, there are 15 million users who play online fantasy sports. 

Major Reasons for Fantasy Sports Growth Globally 

Here are some top reasons behind the growth of Fantasy Sports in the global market, check out these below-mentioned points-

  1. Inexpensive smartphones, along with high-speed internet access, have made fantasy sports easier to play for sports fans and now they can play their favourite sports game anytime anywhere.

  2. The emergence of numerous shorter format and organized sports leagues such as Indian Super League (ISL), IPL, Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), and so on were the top reasons for the growing investments in fantasy sports. 

  3. Fantasy app developers are providing such fantasy sports apps that permit a comfortable, rich, and improved game experience. These sports apps allow participants to join all the available leagues, offering the tracking of performance, developing a private league, material design, player rankings, mock drafts, projections, and other beneficial features. 

  4. Growth in digitization & technological advancements or streaming service providers is expected to bring more opportunities and growth for the Fantasy sports market.

  5. There is a fast rise in the number of promoters and buffs related to fantasy sports that are rapidly venturing into other types of sports such as Hockey and Football encash the developing interest.       

Market Overview

The market report includes a basic analysis of fantasy sports from the industry view. These below points will help you to get better knowledge about varied industry dimensions from the perspective of a manufacturer. With the rapid growth of fantasy sports, there is an increasing demand for white label fantasy sports software as well. 

Strategic Analysis 

In this, different restraints, drivers, and opportunities are analyzed for fantasy sports in detail. Partnership and strategic alliances with various stakeholders, enhancing spending on promotions and advertising, and developing the interest of millennials are the main key drivers of the enhanced growth of fantasy sports. 

The increase in sports events organized across the world is also accountable for the growth of fantasy sports growth. The will to engage in a game rather than just watching it from outside has drastically changed the business bar. Technological advancements integrated with the streaming partner’ availability are likely to move the fantasy sports sector further. 

Regional Analysis

The whole market is divided into Europe, Middle East, North America, Africa, Latin America & Asia Pacific as per the region. In 2019, North America held a 39% share of the entire market. And, the rise of tech-savvy users and enhancing sports market’s attraction has led to the steady growth of the sector in North America. 

As per Fantasy app developers, there are various states in the US such as Indiana, New York, Virginia, Colorado, Massachusetts, etc. have accepted the DFS model that will improve sports during the prediction period.

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Segmentation Analysis

The entire market is segmented into three types- gender, type, and region. In type, the market is divided into fantasy soccer, fantasy football, fantasy hockey, fantasy baseball, etc. In gender, it is segmented into female and male. In the region, it includes various states worldwide that have varied types of sports and also, the proliferation of vendors across the globe with innovative products. 


Apart from the above described key drivers of enhancing fantasy sports growth, some main players in the fantasy sports market are promoting the industry. It includes Betfair PLC, DraftKings, Fox Corp, etc. Hire the best game app development company for developing white label fantasy sports software at a reasonable price. Get their guidance for having a great app solution!   


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