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5 Facts about Plains Game Hunting in South Africa

Plains game hunting brings many hunters to Africa each year. One can find many species of mammals than any other destination on the globe in South Africa. The abundance of antelope species in Southern Africa makes it a paradise for the hunters who are keen for pains game hunting.

1.Break the Myth! Book Plain Game Expedition Safari at reasonable price-

This mode of hunting has remained a dream to many beginner hunters or novice hunters as most perceive it as far too expensive. They considered it to the best left one for the wealthiest of hunters. The interesting thing is that it is a myth. In fact, one can book a very enjoyable plains game expedition safari at a reasonable price. Even, in South Africa, it is considerably less than the average cost of elk hunt.

Nick Bowker is an experienced and professional hunting outfitter who organizes the most comprehensive hunting packages at an affordable price.

2.Geographical areas suitable for Plains Game-

This area of hunting is famous in a variety of geographical areas. An area is suitable or not depends upon the climate, vegetation, and topography. The hunting areas can range from wide open grasslands to densely wooded savanna. The great diversity of plains game is found from the bushveld of the Limpopo province to the vast open plains of the Free State. The dense thorn bush of the Kalahari can also be marked as the arena of hunting.

Each of these geographical areas is known for different habitat that is suited to the specific species. Those areas have special challenges for the plains game hunter.  Shots can often be taken well inside in the bushveld due to its thick cover. The vast plains of the Free State needs the shots out to 300 paces, while the thorn bush of the Kalahari produces opportunities for the hunter with shots at less than 45-50 paces. However, the stalk can become strenuous and arduous because of the endless sand.

3.Different kinds of hunting techniques-

The hunting techniques that the outfitters employ are based upon the preference of the hunter.  Many hunters do not prefer taking shots from in the field. The outfitters organizes a special facilities that can range from walk and stalk to hunting and glassing from a blind with arrow. An interested hunter whose physical activity is limited by any medical condition or old agecan hunt from the well-equipped hunting vehicles.

4.Security Assurance is must for Plain Game Hunting-

Everyone needs a safe fair chase in a free-range hunting environment and the Eastern Cape biospheres. Nick outfitter has been operating hunting safari for his entire life in the Bedford area. Hence, he is familiar with every single corner of the hunting concessions. The Eastern Cape is one of the safest areas to hunt. Nick Bowker has a good reputation on that. Being a professional hunter, he never had a security mischance throughout his career.

5.Reasonable Package comes with exciting hunting activities-

Nick Bowker offers all-inclusive and reasonable packages for a hunting safari which is less than the expenditure anyone expects for a hunting safari. The hunters do not need to pay any extra charges in the name of hidden cost except the taxidermy and the travel costs. It is to be noted that, the packages include the cost involved in pick-up and drop off facilities at the Port Elizabeth airport.

Hence, you need to reach out to the best outfitter for your free-range African Hunting Safari to know about the comprehensive details and the tricky ways of the plains game hunting in the Sub-Saharan Africa.

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