3 Incredible Ways to Produce Unique Essays

Essay writing is part and parcel of every academic career. It is an assignment that allows students to foster creativity, hone analytical skills and remain organized. However, the problem lies elsewhere. After a certain point in time, most essay topics tend to get monotonous or repetitive. This is when students wonder, “Who will write my essay uniquely?”.

At times, the youngsters might seek resort to paraphrasing tool to refer to an original piece and rephrase the same in their own words. Butthat’s not the idea. You will not be able to learn or hone essay writing skills that way.

If you aim to write unique essays, then take a step ahead, invest some time reading this blog, and know-how to stand ahead of the rest.

Develop the topic well

As they say, “Morning shows the day.”, quite similarly, the right topic selection determines the authenticity of the essay. So, first of all, you should lay complete focus on developing the essay topic thoroughly.

Here are some suggestions for you.

Even if the assigned topic turns out to be repetitive, focus on exploring the lesser-known facets of the subject.

For example, if you are asked to write about the impacts of globalization, then do not just generalize the topic.

Rather, you can pick interesting slants such as future prospects of globalization or the determinants of this phenomenon to offer something unique.

You need to kill the monotony and allow readers to explore newer perspectives, every time they would read through your essays.

Be careful with the references 

The proper use of references in an essay is directly related to the authenticity quotient of the work. So, you should be careful while going about the references in the main body paragraphs. Refer to the following tips for favorable outcome.  

Identify whether you need to follow Harvard referencing style, APA citation format or other conventions.

Be careful while adding in-text citations, using statistical entries, highlighting case studies and the likes.

Make sure each of the referential points or other external information used in the essay is verified, updated and backed by useful data. You can use essay typer tool easily.

Justify the conclusion as well 

You cannot expect to add a dash of uniqueness to your essay, if the work fails to justify the concluding statements. Acknowledge the following suggestions and know how to come up with the best closure.

Draw a strong correlation between the thesis statement and main body paragraphs.

Suggests unique, alternative research avenues for your readers to explore.

Add constructive, key takeaway points to summarize the entire essay.

Do not introduce new ideas or slants in the concluding notes.

In case, you would still find the task overly complicated, then get in touch with a reliable academic expert and ask him/her to “Write my essay”, for unique solutions.


Summary: Coming up with unique essays is certainly a challenge if you are not aware of its key essentials. This informative article highlights the challenging areas and the needful strategies to make essays unique and impressive.

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Written by Michael Haydon