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2021 Camry officially launched

On February 25, the 2021 GAC Toyota Camry was officially launched. A total of 10 models of the new car have been launched. The new car basically continues the styling of the mid-stage facelift of the US version, and the overall styling is sporty and stylish. The new car will continue to have two exterior styles and three power systems in the future. It is worth mentioning that the new car will have a new titanium silver body color.

The exterior design of the new Camry has been adjusted. The biggest change is in the front of the car, that is, the big mouth of the center mesh has become more aggressive and three-dimensional, and the chrome decorations on both sides have a striking double effect, and the visual impact is great. The newly added titanium silver body color also combines fashion and sports effects with a sense of class.

The new car still has two versions of the design style. The normal version uses a horizontal decoration inside the grille, while the sports version still uses a split shape, but the size of the ventilation holes on both sides is also significantly increased, changing from a cross grid shape to Hexagonal honeycomb shape.

At the rear, the sports version uses a domineering two-sided exhaust with a total of four exhausts, which looks more powerful, while the regular version is relatively low-key. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4885 (4900)/1840/1455mm, and the wheelbase is 2825mm, which is consistent with the old model.

In terms of interior, the car follows the design concept of the mid-term facelift of the US version, with a new 10.1-inch suspension central control screen (equipped with intelligent voice interaction, on-board WeChat, AutoNavi map, Baidu CarLife, and the system supports OTA online upgrades. , Also free unlimited Internet data for 3 years), 12.3-inch full LCD instrument, which has a good visual effect.

At the same time, the new car is also equipped with G-Security remote service function. Including remote control of the alarm flashing to find the car, door lock operation, air-conditioning start, etc.; when the vehicle is stolen, the engine or hybrid system can be prohibited from restarting, and the steering wheel unlocking operation is prohibited according to the user’s needs. In addition, Toyota Safety Sense smart travel safety configuration has also been greatly improved. The dynamic radar cruise control system can now follow the car in the full speed range, and it can automatically stop and go within the speed range of 0-30km/h.

In terms of power, the new car provides three types of engines, namely 2.0L, 2.5L and 2.5L hybrid. Among them, the 2.0L engine has a maximum power of 131kW (178 horsepower), and the transmission system is equipped with a CVT continuously variable transmission (simulating 10 gears); the 2.5L engine has a maximum power of 154kW (209 horsepower), and the comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 6.0L. It is equipped with an 8-speed automatic manual transmission; the maximum power of the 2.5L hybrid engine is 131kW (178 horsepower), the comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 4.1L, and it is equipped with an E-CVT continuously variable transmission.

Earlier, the Camry completed its mid-term facelift in the US and European markets, but this time it is officially listed on the Chinese market. It can be seen that the changes of the new car are mainly focused on the appearance, floating screen, upgraded configuration, etc. Friends who have been waiting for the arrival of the new Camry can consider starting.(More:harga sigra)

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