10 Best Places to Visit in the Middle East

If you’re planning to travel on a vacation, the first thing you would visualize with the Middle East is drylands. But, this is not completely true. Barren lands and a hot climate are atypical characteristics of the Middle-East; however, there are plenty of sites with sumptuous beauty to offer to the tourist.

The archaeological finds, amazingly beautiful beaches, traditional foods, relics of the ancient civilizations, religious monuments and their genius architecture and mysterious cultures are quite a lot to give your tour an ideal blend of adventurous exploration and a peaceful atmosphere for some pleasant time. 

To help you pick the best locations, we have gathered some of the best places to visit in the Middle East. So, follow along!

1.Jerusalem, Israel

The capital of Israel, Jerusalem is famous for the religious history of Islam, Judaism as well as Christianity. Since the city of Jerusalem is located in the plateau around the Jordanian mountains, it has plenty of sites with fascinating archaeological finds to explore.

You may also find delight in visiting historic religious sites of the Dome of Rock, the Western Wall, the Second Temple and marvel at the elegance of the architectural design. By entering the Dome of Rock, you could also have a look at the Foundation stone that holds the cultural significance of centuries.

2. Dubai, UAE

A city that is not only a symbol of the future architecture and fast-paced life driven with tech and advanced and elegant infrastructure but also an international business hub with a diversity of hundreds of cultures, is Dubai. From skyscrapers to lavish shopping experiences, Dubai is a perfect choice for a business traveler’s 2-night vacation.

3. Luxor, Egypt

The city is a collection of the remnants of the Pharoah’s famous dynasty. Besides, Archaic monuments, statues, and buildings are there for you to marvel at their genius of the old architects and craftsmen. The Luxor Temple and the Karnak Temple is a must to see for an explorer.

However, you should know that traveling in Egypt is expensive. In fact, traveling anywhere in the Middle-East won’t be light on your pockets.

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4. Riffa Bahrain

The city is the second-largest in Bahrain and has a lot to offer to tourists. Some of the popular tourist attractions include the Clock Tower of Riffa, Riffa Fort, and the Riffa Views. This place is a must-visit especially when you’re planning a trip to the Middle East.

The Riffa Bazar is for pocket-friendly, and intelligent shopaholics. You could find everything at reasonable prices.

5. Al’Ula Saudi Arabia

A city is well-known for its magnificent tombs built by the people of the Nabataean Kingdom. The place is situated on the route to the city of Madinah. The city is considered a fascinating tourist attraction because of the mysterious tombs and the humongous monuments built by the civilization of 1st Century B.C that saw its doom.

You could get around and take pictures and discover the culture of the mysterious Nabataean Kingdom and their tribal people. If you’ve vacationed in Saudi Arabia, then Al’Ula could be a fascinating choice for a tour.

6. Beirut, Lebanon

The city’s gorgeous sunset is heart-warming for those hitting the beaches of vacation. Beirut is perfect for young people especially when you want a romantic vacation.

The city has peaceful vibes to offer, while you can also visit the famous Raouche Rocks and the Martyr’s Square. If you want to explore the archaeological finds and the cultural heritage of the city, there are some museums preserving them.

7. Petra, Jordan

This list cannot go on without mentioning the preserver of World heritage, Petra. This ancient city in Jordan is the destination for hundreds of thousands of tourists round the year.

The architecture is made with pink sandstone that adds to its antiquity, where the centuries-old remnants of fallen Kingdoms, tombs and temples, tempt the curiosity of the explorer. 

Hospitable local people are there to welcome you and guide you through. Popular tourist attractions are Al-Deir Monastery and Al Khazneh Temple.

8. The Kuwait City

The city of Kuwait is an epitome of a metropolis that has thrived over decades with a state of the art technology. Some of the must-see attractions are the Kuwait Zoo, the Grand Mosque, the Seif Palace and the Kuwait Towers, and the House of Mirrors. The fast-paced life of the metropolis and the Middle-eastern cuisine could make for a perfect 3 nights stay.

9. Cairo Egypt

One of the most fascinating tourist attractions is the city of Cairo. The city is a perfect balance between the archaeological finds of ancient Egypt, and the modern culture reflecting how the city mixes a plethora of diversity.

There are numerous sites to explore. You could go to the Egypt Museum and know more about the antiques developed centuries before. Plus, the most amazing and famous aspect of Cairo, is the site of Giza.

The beauty and highly advanced architecture of the Iconic pyramids would leave you in awe. It’s one of the wonders of the world and is the epicenter of tourist attraction around the year.

In addition, the city of Cairo is also excellent to explore Egypt’s ancient values of hand-made cosmetics.

10. Baalbek, Lebanon

The city collecting the remnants of the Roman empire is a reflection of the dominant stretch of the Roman Empire. It’s an overall fascinating tourist city. 

The ruins of the Roman Empire are worth visiting Baalbek. Plus, Baalbek is easy to enter, if you’ve already planned a vacation in Beirut as it is located 85 km from the city.


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