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Perfect Strangers

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Many of us are quite attached to our cell phones. Some of us can’t walk across our bedroom without going back to grab our phone, and leaving the house without it is just out of the question. We’re so attached to our phones, that they occupy permanent spots in our hand or pocket. A stranger only needs to unlock our cell phones to get the keys to our lives: our schedule, work email, alarm clock, address book, social media accounts, health apps, streaming platforms and possibly, a few secrets. If the thought of losing your cell phone is mortifying than perhaps the next worst terror is listening to your angry text messages or romantic emails from someone other than your partner read aloud over dinner.

That’s the tension behind Manolo Caro’s “Perfect Strangers.” The film’s premise is simple yet made suspenseful with a 21st Century twist. On the night of a blood red moon eclipse, a Mexico City-based group of old friends and their plus ones gather to watch the astronomical event, eat, drink and gossip. After a recent bit of news about another couple broken up by infidelity, the group gets the idea to play a game over dinner.

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